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The Gardens of Third Street South are an integral part of the pleasure that we hope being there brings.  Similar to the Villages Fleuri in France, the nationally listed and ranked villages full of flowers that dot the countryside, the Third Street gardens are an intrinsic part of the architecture and atmosphere.  Designed and tended by Jim Bixler, the excellent Third Street horticulturist, the lush plants and colorful pots are part of every vista.  From time to time, Jim Bixler will write this column in Third in Bloom – discoursing on some aspect of the gardens that captures his interest – and hopefully yours.  Below is the first of his articles which we are delighted to provide.

We hope that you enjoy each of them and all the gardens of Third Street South soon and often. 


The Third Street South gardens are known for their wonderful container plantings.  Over 200 European pots grace the streets and alley ways of the Naples historic district.  Lush plantings of flowing ivy geraniums mingle with brilliant tropical hibiscus and oleander creating a welcoming and cheerful landscape. The sweet smell of alyssum and panama rose delights the senses.  Walkways lined with green textured calatheas lead to small pocket gardens filled with bright cheerful flowerbeds of colorful annuals. 

Over 60 hanging baskets are custom created to line the streets.  Bright colors fill the baskets augmented with hanging vine-like plants spilling over creating a seamless flow of horticultural bliss.

horticulturalThe Third Street South landscape areas contain many different varieties of palms, hibiscus, oleander, and crotons.  The shaded courtyard gardens are highlighted with the White Candle plant along with begonias and bromeliads that add the unexpected to the planting beds.  Mature live oak and fichus trees anchor the courtyards. 

The gardens of Third Street South are continually transforming.  Summertime boasts beautiful tropical dogwoods along with caladiums, anthuriums and jovial periwinkle.  The winter season breaks forth with a spectacular colorful canvas of nasturtiums, bright annuals and flowing vines. 

Striving for excellence, the Third Street South horticultural staff maintains the property on a daily basis.  Great care is given to each and every plant.  Organic methods are used to maintain a pest-free environment creating a safer atmosphere for visitors and their pets.  

Take time to stroll the streets and alley-ways.  Sit in the courtyards and enjoy the soft sounds of the many fountains.  People watch, or have a quiet conversation, a spirited debate, or bring a book, paper, or laptop.  Don’t forget your pet.  The gardens of Third Street South await you all.