Volume I | Issue I | May, 2009
Directions to Third St. South

Welcome to Heard on Third

   Heard on Third will be, we hope, the interesting and sometimes slightly sassy voice of Third Street South - the Birthplace of Naples, but also the place for sophistication, romance, and….fun.   There will be a certain number of regular columns, according to our current plan. 
   In Mind'sEye we intend to have a rotating roster of Third Street South’s amazingly experienced people talk about whatever they think might interest you: curious stories involving their specialties, light-hearted anecdotes about particular purchases, thought provoking events…anything that would add to your store of bits and pieces and make your day more amusing or more thought provoking.  Why not?
   In NextUp, we will list any events in the stores and restaurants of Third Street South that the owners want to tell you about: cooking classes, special appearances, wine tastings, a particular item, or whatever sounds worthy and fun. 
   QuiteTasty will be where restaurant owners, chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, food and wine experts of any ilk can muse about something or somewhere they think special --- as long as they include how to create something as well.
   GoodTimes will chronicle events on Third Street South: People, Pets, Curious or Interesting Sights, Funny Stuff.  Whatever Catches the Eye.  Contributions gratefully accepted, but using or not using has to be up to us, and we can’t promise to return anything.  We hope that is alright.   
   Pet Project (DogTalk/CatChat) is Third Street South’s pet friendly voice. We think it is wonderful to be able to bring your dog with you – and we would also welcome your cat (should he or she want to come), your parrot or even your llama if you insist.  There are plans to be even more pet friendly with drinking fountains and other amenities. This space is reserved for stories – interesting, humorous or both – principally about non-humans.
   RearView is to be bits and pieces of history – mostly anecdotal. Or observations.  They will end up parked in the Birthplace of Naples or More History location in the end, but it was such a good title, it had to be used.
   Miscellany is just that.  It is the place where things should go that just don’t fit anywhere else.  Every desk has one, or should….every effort like ours certainly needs one.
   We have a few more titles like Oops, NonSense and In My Fashion (always true to you in…) with which we haven’t quite figured out what to do.   Pretty good titles with not much else so far. 
   And so it begins.  Please let us know what you think…..particularly if you think it is brilliant, of course.  



   Pray for rain. No ideas on a sunny day. Pour a cup of coffee. Take out the garbage.  Line up 100 straight pins. Turn on the cell phone. (Someone will call.)  Crank up the fusing machine, the die-cutter, and four Juke industrial sewing machines. Must create. 
   I am a fabric addict so in my factory I have enough to make handbags for the next twenty years. Ergo, choosing a fabric isn't easy. Since Easter is coming up I choose yellow, even though I know it's a hard color to sell. We're in a recession and I decide we need something cheery. Click here for complete article >>


   Third Street was dressed in her more eye catching colors for The Third in Bloom benefit for The Naples Botanical Gardens Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 20th, 21st &22nd.  Jim Bixler, the Third Street Horticulturist gave his informative and popular talks, and, as Spring formally arrived, everyone – especially the plants – welcomed it. Please click on Third in Bloom, for Jim’s informative article - the first of many articles we will be publishing at that location.  
   This year was the first for an addition to the Third in Bloom event – the first annual PetsOnThird: A PetFest and Adoption Event.  It included the first annual Costume Pet Parade for which the theme this year was Blooming Pets in honor of The Naples Botanical Garden. A beautifully groomed miniature horse, a small pony covered with garlands of flowers and leaves ridden by a princess joined a bevy of wonderfully dressed dogs of all sizes as they made their way between Gordon Drive and Third Street South past the judges who sat at the railing tables at Tony’s Off Third and awarded the prizes. 
   Given the charm and warmth of the pets and people who came, PetsOnThird proved what we have always known: petsthe people who love them make a great party. Please click here for more photographs >>


   With its first annual PetsOnThird – A PetFest and Adoption Event, Third Street South joined the effort to draw attention to the wisdom of spaying and neutering to avoid the sad situation of uncared for animals. We hope that everyone not only had a good time, but were encouraged to view the wonderful animals that enrich the lives of the overwhelming majority of us with a sense of responsibility – and to spread that word to others.  Third Street South is happy to encourage support of The Spay and Neuter Clinic which provides services to those who would otherwise have difficulty paying for it. And we hope that you will adopt a pet.  There are so many dogs and cats that are waiting for good homes, and so many homes that will be made happier by making a place for an animal in need.  Please click here for more photographs >>

Rear View

   Third Street South has been in the making for over one hundred years, and every bit of its history and character has rolled forward with it and is still in its atmosphere.   The style and vision of the people who founded it – from the pioneering General Williams and Mr. Haldeman to the charming and sophisticated Junkie and Dorette Fleischmann, the Clumsky family, the Watsons, the Bradleys and the colorful and fascinating Doris Reynolds – is apparent still in the combination of sophistication and simplicity that is its trademark
   Third Street South has always had the same point of view: excellence, beauty, welcoming and wonderful service are fundamental.  In that spirit, Tony Ridgway and his family have been providing either superb food or nationally recognized decorating and excellent antiques for over sixty years.  Tom Gattle has seen that the finest bed, table, and bath linens were available for just as long.  The Hartingtons have insured that the best of the New York, Paris, and Milan fashion world were on Third for most of the last forty years, and many others are in their third and fourth decade with shops that are full of enduringly attractive objects, paintings, and clothes.  Some, like the Watkins family who built the Old Naples Hotel and the Hanes family whose Beach Store and movie house centered the town for decades are no longer actually in business in the same way, but are well remembered. 
   So much of the original spirit is still here. And the wonderful people who have joined Third Street have carried that spirit forward.  The restaurants are all delicious and varied.  The stores that have chosen Third Street have also chosen other special places like Palm Beach, Nantucket, Southampton, Bridgehampton, and Madison Avenue.  Some stores that are now also elsewhere were actually started here such as Tommy Bahama, while some, like the well-known Sonya Benson, actually create and manufacture here as well.  
   It says something good about Third Street South that it has grown and evolved with the times in just the way a charming European town has adapted over the centuries without losing its roots or its grace or its depth.  We are lucky.  Very lucky.



Next Up

Calendar of Events

Third Street South Voted in the10 best: Prettiest Southern Streets for a Stroll by USA Today Travel





Marissa Hartington of Marissa Collections has been named to JCK magazine’s 2014 Power List of Influencers who shape the global jewelry trade. She is among only 50 of the most innovative CEOs, designers, retailers and tastemakers in the jewelry and watch business. Marissa Collections on Third Street South added its 1,400-square-foot jewelry gallery in November 2012. The gallery contains a highly curated assortment of more than 20 jewelry designers, including Arunashi, David Webb, Irene Neuwirth, Tamarra Comolli, Todd Reed and Yossi Harari.



Man of the Year, November 2012, Gulfshore Life

Chef/owner, Ridgway Bar and Grill, Tony’s Off Third and Bayside Seafood Grill and Bar

In the midst of his fifth decade running restaurants in Naples, Ridgway has hit his stride. With two successful restaurants, a massive catering business and one of the best bakeries/wine shops anywhere, he’s come a long way from The Wurst Place—a Naples restaurant specializing in sausages run out of an old gas station. Along the way, Ridgway, 68, was a force in the development of Community School of Naples and in helping build a strong bond among restaurateurs and business owners in the Third Street South area, transforming one into the top prep school in the region and making the other a top tourist destination.

Career path not taken: Farmer. I would still go back to what I love, which is feeding people. Least favorite dinner conversation: Politics. With the right people it could be OK. But it’s not fun to discuss anymore. Left on his bucket list: Learning to speak Spanish and taking dance lessons. (My wife) Wynn and I have talked about doing that. Greatest regret: Closing (previous Naples restaurants) Chefs Garden and Truffles. I closed them for the wrong reasons. We closed two of Naples best restaurants to open one of Naples worst restaurants (the now-closed Terra). Favorite achievement: My involvement with Community School of Naples. From 1985 to ’96 (when I was chairman of the board) it was a very satisfying period of growth. Way to improve life here: Double the business in the summer. Summer doesn't need to be like season. But it would be nice to not have to worry about making it through the summer. Secret to great food: You have to really understand what cooking does to the food. Once you understand (the technical part of cooking), you can do just about anything. —Jonathan Foerster

Congratulations Sea Salt for Florida Trend's Magazine Golden Spoon Award for most innovative seafood restaurant in South West Florida!


2010 Southwest Florida Choice Award Winners

Champion: Jewelry:Cleopatra's Barge

Star: Florist: The Garden District

Star: Shoe Store: Pratt's Shoe Salon

Star: Shopping: Third Street South Shopping District

Star: Women's Clothing: Jami's

Star: Desserts: Tony's Off Third



Third Street South

Is Very Proud Of

Sea Salt Restaurant

                  Esquire Magazine

“Best Top 20 New Restaurants 2009”

National Recognition for Chef Fabrizio Aielli’s inspired repertoire, using organic and local produce whenever possible, emphasizing fresh and seasonal ingredients creating unexpected and delicious blending of flavors that sparkle on the palette.

Fabrizio Esquire Award.JPG




    Florida Trend Magazine

                      Dec, 2009

     "Best Newcomers Restaurant"

"Stylish artisan Italian from salt-crusted branzino to rabbit, crudo, limoncello and bottanga, plus modern treats like kurobuta pork"



Tommy Bahama New Fragrance for men & women: Set Sail Martinique. Launches on Friday, Sept. 24, 2010.

Third Street South Farmers Market

Open all Year!

Every Saturday

7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

In the parking lot behind Tommy Bahamas on Third Street South.


The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.
Mark Twain

I just got wonderful news from my real estate agent in Florida.  They found land on my property.
Milton Berle

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.
The opening line of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, a visitor to The Old Naples Hotel. 

The International Herald Tribune describes the 1953 Masters tournament:
One of the competitors, Count de Bendern, found his ball lodged in the bank of a brook.  Deciding that he could play the ball, he took off his left shoe and sock and rolled his pants leg above the knee.  Then he very carefully planted the bare foot on the bank and stepped into the water with his well-shod foot. 
The look on his face as he realized what he had done was more memorable than his shot.
From Crazy Quilt by John Train